Golf Course Designer: Phil Jacobs

The site is located at the southern coast of the Dianchi Lake of Kunming, a centre of tourism in the southwest of China. Closely positioned to the Kunyu Highway, it is a highly accessible location in the centre of the Yunnan province, and an implemented example of the SAA’s Masterplan named as ‘Four zones Round the Lake’. The site area is 2,211,700 sqm, accommodating the golf course, landed, hotel properties and other attractions on site.

The road network is designed to provide the driver with the best experience that the topography offers. The developments are planned such that the majority will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Dianchi Lake. For dense residential zones, strips of water bodies such as man-made streams and rapids are created to visually link the water features to the distant lake as well as to provide communal places of respite.

The real estate of the entire project is divided into 6 key zones in response to the specific site attributes: Central Promontory, Lakeside Residential Zone, Wetland Residential Zone, Signature Course Residential Zone, Knoll Residential Zone, and Gateway Residential Zone. The proposed building typologies are then strategically distributed into precincts to create a strong identity for each district.

The architectural design philosophy capitalizes opportunities of the site such as orientation to lake views and blending into existing topography. Various typologies are created from the site contexts, thus resulting a sense of variety among the residences. Architecturally, the designs aim to achieve a refreshing and modern geometry, yet intimate and human-scale. To ensure consistency in the architectural qualities of all the buildings, the following principles are used as design strategies:

– Dianchi Lake as Reference;
– Play of Light;
– Projecting Spaces for Views;
– Integrated Gardens and Screens;
– Relationship with Water;
– Transparency of Social Spaces

  • Client : Hua Han Investment Group
  • Location : China
  • Size : 2, 211, 700 Sqm
  • Type : Masterplan
  • Status : Completed In 2009