Landscape Consultant: EDAW

Defu Industrial park is a rare brownfield site available for master planning study in Singapore. It presents a unique opportunity for HDB to demonstrate its progressive yet pragmatic position, maximizing the development potential of land while escalating the value of our local industrialists.

Our proposal share HDB’s objective to retain existing SMEs and homegrown business character, and focus on creating a vibrant public life by designing for landscaped public areas and open spaces to accommodate a myriad of social activities.

Through careful consideration of appropriate parcelation, provision of adequate and logical circulation network, sustainable trade mix, suitable building typologies as well as appropriate phasing plans, our urban design guidelines seek to:

– Create an industrial frontage as identity
– Create pockets of parks and linkages
– Create open spaces and pedestrian networks
– Create clear network of streetscapes

The above guiding principles are based on comprehensive market research on trade-mix, density, and distribution – among others – which we believe is a critical first step to rethink the existing paradigm of maximizing development densities which could result in unrealistic plans.

  • Client : Housing Development Board
  • Location : Singapore
  • Type : Masterplan
  • Status : Proposal