Domus Apartments

Domus set out to be a “boutique design apartment”, attracting a market sector that appreciates design quality. In Latin, the word ‘Domus’ means home, and the design concept focuses on the basic qualities of a home, namely comfort, privacy and beauty.

In the apartment units, comfort is derived from the protection from sun, views and cross-ventilation. Hence the building is designed to be perfectly north-south facing, with planter-bed on east/west side, and air pockets to insulate units. This has allowed the maximizing of the north-south facade windows. The use of scissors stairs to minimize footprint and reduce blockage, adds to the overall view. The north-south facing also provided maximal cross-ventilation.

To maximize privacy, the full storey height (29 storeys) is used to minimize units per floor. Hence, units generally cannot see the neighbour – like bungalows in the sky. Sun-shading screens along planter box are designed to layer the facades.

The design aims to create beauty with a tall and slim tower, where the sunshading screens and staircore are detailed as recognizable design features. The tall 2.9m clear ceiling height allows for bright grand spaces with long north-south facades internally.

For the sky terrace, a variety of facilities are required to cater to different functions. An inter-connected loop is designed to string the facilities together, such as the sunbathing decks, Jacuzzi, Secret Garden, Outdoor Gym and the Suspended Clubhouse. For privacy, the sky terrace is elevated above ground, and cannot be seen from public road. Wrapping around the sky terrace is an extensive ‘green wall’ which functions as a privacy screen.

  • Client : Lakeview Investments Pte Ltd
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 8, 870 Sqm
  • Units : 104 Apartment Units
  • Type : Residential
  • Status : Completed in 2012