Bukit Timah Road is a boulevard of tall and mature trees which give the surrounding areas a lush and green environment. Particularly at the Duchess Road vicinity, there is a strong institutional character due to the population of students is also expected to throng the station.

The context calls for the Duchess MRT station to be a dignified yet intriguing structure, to capture the youthful imagination of the users while respecting the age-old institutional environment. It should complement the lush greenery and attains the quality of a cozy hangout.

The integration of spaces, nature and people forms a sense of place that crystallizes our vision. The key elements of the station converge into a node where people meet in a lush setting. The pedestrian overhead bridge, vent shaft and covered linkway come together at the entrance where it rotates around the central pivotal point. They bring in nature in the form of vertical greenery and planter boxes. The architectural forms and textures are inspired by Jenga – popular game that the students are familiar with. The interplay of blocks, forming both orderly and random patterns, blends in with the greenery to form a memorable place.

  • Client : Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Location : Singapore
  • Type : Transportation
  • Status : Proposal