Aptly designed like stingray flaps spreading out next to the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (SOA) stands out amidst the city’s modern skyscrapers serving as a contrasting backdrop.

An architectural design feat of its time in 1997, it was masterfully designed to benefit aquatic animals and visitors in the most natural and environmentally friendly way possible.

Measuring 20,500 square meters, the SOA takes visitors through a subterranean experience by going down 6 levels into nine different thematic zones, with more than 450 species of aquatic animals from the five continents and four oceans. Each zone in the Aquarium recreates the most natural surroundings for our aquatic animals, with the help of one of the biggest close-door water systems that allows it to generate its own salt water, recreating the most natural surroundings for the aquatic animals.

A US$50million joint investment by Singapore-based Straco Corporation Limited and China’s China Ploy Group, it is by far one of the largest cultural tourism joint ventures in Shanghai and was the most important project that opened China’s gateway to SAA.

  • Client : Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
  • Location : China
  • Size : 20, 500 Sqm
  • Type : Institutional
  • Status : Completed In 2008