Designed with MMA

A Sustainable and Iconic Residential Tower

St. Thomas Suites is an example of high-rise residential development in the prime Orchard Road district that has been consciously designed for a strong iconic status and at the same time, environmentally-sustainable.

At the onset, our vision is to create an ‘Icon’ in the heart of Orchard Road. The towers curved forms elegantly rise head-and-shoulders above its neighbors and can be viewed from every vantage point and access road in the area. This is further enhanced by its height of more than 130 meters, and a unique curved form. The impact and dialogue generated by the organic form is more exciting and dynamic than that of the often-repeated rectilinear tower. The curved facade creates an impressive urban profile and is dramatically different from the rest of the Orchard skyline. This same curved facade offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and is also designed to minimize glare.

The drop off area is envisioned as a sunken garden in order to fully utilize the existing contour and surrounding trees, it also contributes to a tranquil environment. The Drop-off area becomes a part of the garden with plenty of greenery and water features. One of the unique architectural design features is the use of an additional ‘glass skin’ at the balcony edge which wrap and accentuate the form of the tower. This unique ‘skin’ differentiates the iconic towers and gives it that contemporary edge required for a premier residential address such as this. It offers ‘seamless transition’ from the living room to the balcony. Visually, the eye is being lead out to ‘infinity’ and the space spilling beyond the confines of the room. On an environmental level, this ‘double skin’ façade helps to control heat load and minimize the expense of air-conditioning. In addition, the outer glass skin also helps to protect units from the strong tropical sun. St. Thomas Suites is certified for the BCA Green Mark Gold Award.

The interiors of the typical floor have more than 3.0 meter ceiling height – creating an expansive spacious feel for the residents. All units are equipped with a private lift -lobby system, augmenting the security provision for all residents as well as giving an exclusive penthouse-like entry into all units. The penthouse itself forms an elliptical crown at the top of the building and gives it an appropriate finish. Above the penthouse is a light-box feature that creates a ‘Jewel in the crown’ of the Orchard area skyline.

  • Client : Frasers Centrpoint Limited
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 36, 377.04 Sqm
  • Units : 176 Apartment Units
  • Type : Residential
  • Status : Completed In 2010