Urban Vista consists of a variety of unit mix (with 1 Bedroom units to 4 Bedrooms units) allows for the congregation of families, young couples and yuppies, creating a balanced community. This is further enhanced with the provision of 2 recreational zones where facilities are provided for different functions and needs. The Main E-Deck will serve the entire community with the provision of all the main facilities. The E-Deck above the multi-storey carpark provides a more tranquil resort, especially for the younger communities who seeks a more urban and chic lifestyle. The two zones are connected via a lift and bridges through the Clubhouse which will be the focal point of the entire development.

Apart from that, to enhance further the concept of urban living, loft units are introduced to allow for high flexibility and efficiency in spatial usage which would coincide with the vibrant lifestyle of the society.

Nonetheless, all blocks (except Block 6) are designed to have only 4 units per core as to create a dwelling with more privacy for the residents. Apart from that every blocks (except Block 5) has a sky terrace for the residents’ enjoyment of the view whilst in the lush landscape up on the 10th floor.

  • Client : Bayfront Realty Pte Ltd
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 39, 195.80 sqm
  • Units : 582 Apartment Units
  • Type : Residential
  • Status : Completed in 2016